Next Launcher 3D .APK v1.22.1 Android [Full] [Free]

Next Launcher 3D .APK v1.22.1 Android [Full] [Free]

5a52neXtLauncher1.13app Next Launcher 3D .APK v1.22.1 Android [Full] [Free]

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Designed by GO Dev Team, ‘Next 3D Launcher’ shows how a 3D launcher and its dynamics could be possibly – Extend the imagination and expand capabilities. Would you like to enjoy this application and test the next generation of user interface and interaction with your phone!

Stereoscopic Screen Preview
Multiple selection of Applications
Customizing the Home screen
App Drawer
3D Widgets and Live Wallpapers and Themes

New in this release:
1. (Fix) The error in some devices crash after update to V1.22
1. (New) Hide the homescreen dock (Click Menu-> Preferences-> Screen Settings-> Show dock)
2. (New) Folder icons can be changed (Long press a folder icon-> Click ‘change’)
3. (New) Double click gesture (Click Menu-> Preferences-> Gesture settings-> Double click action)
4. (Fix) Some FC bugs

Download Next Launcher 3D.APK Android [Full] [Free]