Dolphin Emulator Pre-Alpha v0.4 (Wii Emulator) APK Free

Dolphin Emulator Pre-Alpha v0.4 (Wii Emulator) APK Free
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- You must have the right to a given ROM before you play!
Usage Guide
This is a public preview version of Dolphin Gamecube and Wii emulator for Android.
This is currently in early beta testing, expect slow speeds, graphical glitches, and a host of problems with it.

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If you are expecting reasonable speeds Beyond that, you are sadly mistaken. It runs slow on every Android device, whether it is the most powerful in the world.
Once finished port our OpenGL plugin, and used a phone for up to 3 GB OpenGL, this will improve a little. has plenty of free homebrew applications to test.
One in particular I like to use is Starfield
Some warnings
– Not be blocked. A large amount.
– The rotations do not work well or at all.
– No ni / ni / entry
– You may need to force shut and ran several times to work.
– Video is made with the CPU at all with our backend videosoftware.
Pros of this is that you can run on almost any hardware. Some limitations are
– Phones that support OpenGL ES 2 (99.8% of Android Market)
– Phones that have at least 1 GB of RAM
This application is licensed by the GNU GPL v2 and the full source code is in the public GIT repository

What’s in this version:
Pre-Alpha Version 0.4
- Set Back key and menu navigation to open the drawer.
Pre-Alpha Version 0.3
- Reworked UI
- Work background
Pre-Alpha Version 0.2
- A cleaning crew in the backend to accommodate adequately controlled on screen
- Provide basic touch screen controls, A, B, Start. Just for testing purposes